SULPHUR BUSINESS Fertilizers Company

It is a Factory dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of different formulations of Sulphur, Current Production capacity 25,000 MT/ Annum.

We also hold export registrations in different countries, and export to many countries in view of our excellent quality.

The plant has a stringent system of quality checks and balances to ensure product of the best quality.

The process of pulverizing sulphur is carried out in a closed system which is purged with Nitrogen to ensure complete safety of operation.

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2. SULPHUR 80 % WP
3. SULPHUR 90 % WG
4. SULPHUR 85 % DP
6. SULPHUR 55.16 % SC

Sulphur the 4th important nutrient NPK And S !

Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are critical components of a well-fertilized crop. But to achieve yields and more nutritious foods, crops need sulphur (S)Key functions of Sulphur :

  • Formation of chlorophyll that permits photosynthesis through which plant produce starch, sugars, oils, fats, vitamins etc…
  • Protein production: Sulphur is a constituents of three S-containing amino Acids (cysteine,cysteine, methionine) which are building block of protein Synthesis for oils ; adequate Sulphur very critical for oil seeds
  • Activation of enzymes which aid in biochemical reaction in plant Increase crop yield and improve quality of produce both determine market price a farmer would get.
  • S improves protein & oil percentage in seeds, cereal quality in milling & baking etc.
  • S associated with special metabolism in plants and structural characteristics of protoplasm.
  • Reduces pH of alkaline soils.
  • Increase nodulation of legumes increase nitrogen fixation.

Sulphur Deficiencies on RISE & Sulphur 80 WDG/Sulphur 55.16SC Plays major role in todays conditions

Reasons :

1. Shift to more concentrated fertilizers with little or no S

2. Reduction of Sulphur dioxide (S02) emission

3. Higher S removal by more productive crops

Symptoms :

1. Yellowing and interveinal chlorosis (similar to N)

2. Often more evident in younger leaves (opposite to N)

3. Generalized in the entire plant if deficiency is severe

Soil Application Benefit of Sulphur 80 WDG :

  • Oxidation is a surface based process, our Sulphur 80 WDG has very fine Particle size (2- 4 mic) hence the surface area increases drastically …
  • The Oxidation is faster in soil when S is dispersed in soil & is quickly converted to Sulphate form & taken up by plant quickly. Effects can be seen on applied Crop soon. (The below slide given an indication of delay in oxidation due Increase in particle size)
  • Sulphur 80 WDG comes with a guarantee of being free from heavy metals hence increase in bio-efficacy & also reduced chances of scorching effect the foliar application & gives thorough coverage on leave surface for Better disease management.